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Shady RAT (not to be confused with Dirty Rat, or Damn Dirty Ape)

Ok, some brief thoughts on Shady RAT (not to be confused with Dirty Rat, or Damn Dirty Ape). McAfee and Symantec both have blog posts up, with their analysis of the pattern of attacks that McAfee has included under the Shady RAT banner.

McAfee’s blog post:

Revealed: Operation Shady RAT

Symantec’s blog post is here:

The Truth Behind the Shady RAT

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The Velocirapture

The Velocirapture, a set on Flickr.

Stick a fork in this vacation

We’re on our way back from a 2-week vacation in New Brunswick, most of which was at lake Washedamoak.

Our trip back home has been… While in the air from Fredericton, Air Canada sent us email to let us know our flight was cancelled. Apparently while we were in the air, AC completely lost their shit. Western air travel is messed up to and from Vancouver and Calgary. They put us on another flight, a huge Boeing 777-300. That’s all fine and good, but the delay might just push our carefully planned return timing into 3yo Freak Out territory.

In any case, it’ll be great to be home.


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