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Dell Holiday Gift Scam?

So this Dell contest “contest” seems to be a scam of sorts. Not that there aren’t fabulous prizes and such, but I’ve now seen 3 games in progress with different numbers of accrued rolls all get to the same game state:

<– Basically what you see to the left is what I think any player will see at the end of day two, perhaps with a number of surplus rolls giving them the opportunity to donate “gifts” to their friends. The net result is that the 3 playing boards, all different people of course with different numbers of free rolls from sharing etc, end up bouncing their dumbass snowman around the board for awhile. When will Dell start handing out prizes then if this thing isn’t random?

Like Pavlovian dogs, I guess we all keep clicking and answering questions designed to increase our product knowledge until we find out!


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