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The Disney-esque Ethics of Dietary Lifestyle

Wow, that post title really sucks. I’m not sure how else to capture what I’m trying to get across though. I’ve taken to refer to the belief that somehow eating meat is Evil and eating plants is Good as “Disney ethics”. You know what I’m talking about. Childrens’ programming is the worst for this, and I’m including classic cartoons in that category. Have you noticed how the cat, fox, wolf, carnivorous dinosaur, and other meat-eating creatures are almost always the bad guys? That is certainly true of Disney stuff. Has the constant barrage of entertainment media, “health” programming, and various other sources convinced you that somehow eating meat is unethical?

If so, congrats; you’ve been suckered by Disney ethics.

I’ve yet to hear a solid argument that supports any form of ethics basis for dietary choices to restrict consumption to plants, though I’ve heard it asserted many times. I actually think my brother-in-law’s choice and summary reason for said choice is the best I’ve heard to date: he does not eat anything that can have a nice day. That’s awesome. Totally fucking awesome. Simply put, he choses not to eat stuff that operates at a higher order of self-awareness, and that cut-off makes sense. I respect that. Its a line in the sand, and it is based on an evaluation of the cognitive functioning of candidate prey. It might even be an adaptive trait, evolutionarily speaking. Theoretically, creatures that can have a nice day would be also more prone to take offence to being consumed and coordinate a defence. I don’t know about you, but if the cows were to rise up against their oppressors or even issue a well-reasoned plea for cessation of beef-consumption, I’d actually be prone to stop.

I don’t eat things that are pets (er… except for rabbit)… well, generally speaking. I don’t consider consumption of cats and dogs to be a good thing, though there are some cultures that do that I guess. Preparation etc aside, I don’t even want to go there. That’s another issue entirely.

No, I’m not going there. I said no, dammit.

Anyways, so assuming all hunting/prep stuff leading up to meat at the wrong end of my knife is equal (I know its not equal, piss off… I said I’m not going there) then I fail to see how meat is somehow evil. Life feeds on life feeds on life, so to borrow a bit from Tool.

By the way, I don’t resent creatures that might choose to feed on me. I respect the wolf’s right to eat me as much as I respect the cow for being my meal. I, of course, will actively avoid getting eaten. I recommend that Mr. Cow does the same… Mrs. Mrs Cow. Moo.

Where was I going with this?

Oh ya, meat eaters are always the bad guys. Bullshit.

If you want to find some awesome children’s programming that doesn’t play stupid games with brainwashing your kids into some perverse faith in Good (herbivores) vs Evil (carnivores) as a basic ethical tenet, then I urge you to look no further than the excellent Dinosaur Train. It is very educational (if you want to argue about whether dinosaurs existed or not, then we have nothing further to discuss), I’d say a perfect balance of clue and entertainment.

It also doesn’t mindlessly vilify carnivores.

That is all. Please move along. Nothing to see here.

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