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(a)theists don’t own this time of year

Once more into the breach…

I’m not inclined, for once, to meet Rant with Rant. That said, I am inclined to comment because I think there is a need for reasonable discussion about that must NEVER be a taboo subject. Let’s start with a little textbite:

and told me she was an Atheist. Blah blah blah. She can’t take a joke and I couldn’t care less about the rest of the argument. My boyfriend is an Atheist and he doesn’t bitch and moan about people doing their thing during this season, he was brought up with religion in his life and endured education in the Catholic school system as an atheist. I have nothing against religion or atheism. I poke fun at it from time to time (and I also poke fun at myself), but I totally understand why people don’t believe in anything. Some people just can’t. I thought I was into atheism for the longest time until I realized what it was really all about, it didn’t quite fit the description of how I felt.

– BOOHOO: Whiney Atheist Doesn’t Celebrate Christmas

An image on the blog post hits at the same point too, a misconception that Atheism is a “belief in nothing”. Hardly. the literal meaning of the word, care of how English works, is basically a belief that there are no gods (or a God). Google helps with some definitions and sources thereof: define:atheism