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XBL customer service fail WTF?!

Microsoft and I have been getting along really well the last several years, and even with my love of all things UNIXy, I’ve also been a big advocate for the awesome things going on in Redmond related to infosec.

In that context, imagine my surprise to discover the way that XBL (Xbox Live) treats their customers… especially an owner of a few Xbox 360s since launch. A few? Of right… ya. I’m looking at my fourth Xbox 360 right now, one of the pre-HDMI version. 2 Red Rings of Death and 1 optical drive failure. That’s not why I’m pissed off. Microsoft did the right thing, they extended warranties, etc. All my failed consoles have been replaced under warranty. So kudos for that, XBL folks.

That brings us to how you fail. (more…)

Dell Holiday Gift Scam?

So this Dell contest “contest” seems to be a scam of sorts. Not that there aren’t fabulous prizes and such, but I’ve now seen 3 games in progress with different numbers of accrued rolls all get to the same game state:

<– Basically what you see to the left is what I think any player will see at the end of day two, perhaps with a number of surplus rolls giving them the opportunity to donate “gifts” to their friends. The net result is that the 3 playing boards, all different people of course with different numbers of free rolls from sharing etc, end up bouncing their dumbass snowman around the board for awhile. When will Dell start handing out prizes then if this thing isn’t random?

Like Pavlovian dogs, I guess we all keep clicking and answering questions designed to increase our product knowledge until we find out!


Dell Holiday Gift Hunt contest

I like gadgets. There is no shame in that.

Hence, I feel obliged to share a link to the Dell Holiday Gift Hunt contest thing. Winning stuff like laptops and trips to Mexico seems like a good idea to me, and if you sign up then you get a chance and I get a few more rolls. Ya, that’s right… something in it for me. If anyone who reads this signs up, let me know in a comment and I’ll send you a duplicate game tile “present” thingy to help you out. That’s fair, right?

Holiday Gift Hunt

Update: This is all about you now. I’ve maxed out my added “rolls” from sharing this out, so don’t bother commenting :)

Sophos pimps free AV for Macs

One of the stupidest utterances to ever come out of Apple has been the “you don’t need antivirus!” lie. Macs being invulnerable to malware makes for great marketing material, but the fact is that it is a bold-faced lie. Surely Steve Jobs and his minions would never lie, would they. Damn right they do. Frequently. Their attack ads against Windows (rather than extolling the virtues of OS X, of which there are many) are full of them too.

Anyway, I didn’t start this out as a rant against the distortion-field-dwellers in Cupertino. I love my OS X boxes. I really do. Sometimes I kinda hate Apple though, not the least of which due to how douchey they can be about security. (more…)

Here is a cluepon

This valuable Cluepon may be used to redeem yourself in the eyes of the presenter.