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I may regret this, but…

… I might as well give this at least a little attention now. I oppose the only reason that this blog thing is breaking ~1yr of neglect is that those Windows Live guys forces the issue.

Live Spaces is marked for death, and the inaugural post pretty much covers my thoughts on Live Spaces. To suggest I ever cared about it would be a bold-faced lie. The 2nd post is nothing but a cluepon. Clearer that deep investment can’t be allowed to die, right?

So Live Spaces -> WordPress… And rationale for caring is still not firmly established. Yet, here I am.

I think I may even have missed having a blog. I’m going to try not to be such a mean-spirited bastard this time around.


[posted from my iPhone like some sort of hipster douchebag]

[… that’s the first and last time you’ll ever see me use a “…from my iWhatever” statement for anything other than comedic effect]

[… Also I should note that I really like ellipses. I caught some flak in high school English many years ago for abuses said ellipses. I’m like the ellipses terminator. I have no remorse. I cannot be stopped.]

This space intentionally left blank

I some how got suckered into creating this live space via an personal info update request in Live Messenger. I don’t have a need, desire, or any other motivation to maintain a live space. I have more than enough places to litter my thoughts online.
At least I was able to snag, that entertains me a little.