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Schroedinger’s Website(s)

There are days I am afraid to look at various iterations of blog attempts because if I open that box I’ll learn that the site(s) are dead. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with this one either.

But, moreso, I’m really not sure what I’m doing with what is/was at At one point I thought I’d actually have interest in blogging about infosec /stuff/. Then I discovered that I didn’t, or at least couldn’t talk about enough stuff that I do that’d make the blog interesting to even me.

But hey, a feed aggregator would be useful right?


Still boring.

So now I am just thinking there is no reason to separate various interests, or various facets of me, into various sites. Seriously, why the hell should I? Initially, some goofy attempt to carve out spaces with different behaviours.

Anyway… cogitating.

The Disney-esque Ethics of Dietary Lifestyle

Wow, that post title really sucks. I’m not sure how else to capture what I’m trying to get across though. I’ve taken to refer to the belief that somehow eating meat is Evil and eating plants is Good as “Disney ethics”. You know what I’m talking about. Childrens’ programming is the worst for this, and I’m including classic cartoons in that category. Have you noticed how the cat, fox, wolf, carnivorous dinosaur, and other meat-eating creatures are almost always the bad guys? That is certainly true of Disney stuff. Has the constant barrage of entertainment media, “health” programming, and various other sources convinced you that somehow eating meat is unethical?

If so, congrats; you’ve been suckered by Disney ethics. (more…)

Dell Holiday Gift Scam?

So this Dell contest “contest” seems to be a scam of sorts. Not that there aren’t fabulous prizes and such, but I’ve now seen 3 games in progress with different numbers of accrued rolls all get to the same game state:

<– Basically what you see to the left is what I think any player will see at the end of day two, perhaps with a number of surplus rolls giving them the opportunity to donate “gifts” to their friends. The net result is that the 3 playing boards, all different people of course with different numbers of free rolls from sharing etc, end up bouncing their dumbass snowman around the board for awhile. When will Dell start handing out prizes then if this thing isn’t random?

Like Pavlovian dogs, I guess we all keep clicking and answering questions designed to increase our product knowledge until we find out!


Star potential vs Parental Objectivity (or lack thereof)

I like to ha-ha serious joke about (my) career/life for my son. He’ll make his own choices of course, but my dream is a footballer in Europe (AKA soccer) followed by a career doing research in quantum physics chasing the unified theory holy grail.

Dare to dream.


Anyway, I am pretty sure this kid is actually really talented. At 2y4m he’s able to kick (and with good accuracy) with both feet favouring his right; run with the ball; throw overhead. He’ll start community soccer next year.

I just hope he doesn’t follow in my footsteps, he’s too smart to work in telecom doing IT security or otherwise.

Ball of pain

There are few things I hate as much as staining decks and fences. We got some awesome wood/plastic composite deck board for our new deck, which doesn’t have to be stained ever. Trade-off being it’ll outlast western civilization (I kid, it’ll last just as long before the space aliens blast us all to smithereens).

Anyway, our fence is gorgeous but made of natural stuff. Red cedar, sexy ‘n’ all, but needs to be stained. Accordingly, my cuter half and I did half of it yesterday before our wee man wok up from his afternoon nap.

Today, my neck and shoulders are a ball of pain.

I suspect this is not a coincidence.

I may regret this, but…

… I might as well give this at least a little attention now. I oppose the only reason that this blog thing is breaking ~1yr of neglect is that those Windows Live guys forces the issue.

Live Spaces is marked for death, and the inaugural post pretty much covers my thoughts on Live Spaces. To suggest I ever cared about it would be a bold-faced lie. The 2nd post is nothing but a cluepon. Clearer that deep investment can’t be allowed to die, right?

So Live Spaces -> WordPress… And rationale for caring is still not firmly established. Yet, here I am.

I think I may even have missed having a blog. I’m going to try not to be such a mean-spirited bastard this time around.


[posted from my iPhone like some sort of hipster douchebag]

[… that’s the first and last time you’ll ever see me use a “…from my iWhatever” statement for anything other than comedic effect]

[… Also I should note that I really like ellipses. I caught some flak in high school English many years ago for abuses said ellipses. I’m like the ellipses terminator. I have no remorse. I cannot be stopped.]

This space intentionally left blank

I some how got suckered into creating this live space via an personal info update request in Live Messenger. I don’t have a need, desire, or any other motivation to maintain a live space. I have more than enough places to litter my thoughts online.
At least I was able to snag, that entertains me a little.